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Project Specifications

There are three stages to the artwork for a CD or DVD project.
In order to figure out an accurate price, first determine where you
need to begin. (click on any one to skip to the details for that section)

  1. Stage One: GRAPHIC DESIGN:
    Artwork is assembled on the computer and set up according to the templates provided. Standard design programs in macintosh format are preferred (quark, illustrator, indesign, photoshop, freehand). It is very important that specs are followed exactly to eliminate the need for additional setup charges.

    Click here for some recommended graphic designers.

    The files you provide on disc are prepared for printing and a pdf will be sent via email for your approval. If matching color is crucial to you, please note that your monitor will not be 100% accurate for color and we can pull an alternate proof for an additional cost. The proof pricing is based on the size of the job, so contact us for specific details. This will also add a few days to your job's turnaround time. The cost to run film to print the cd label (entirely different process) is included in the setup charge.

  3. Stage three: INSERT PRINTING:
    What is CTP?

    CTP, (computer to plate) is a form of printing that allows us to skip the film stage associated with conventional printing and therefore alleviate the expensive film setup costs.

    In conventional printing, we use your electronic files and produce color separated film. This film is used to create plates which are used to print your paper inserts. With CTP, we now can create your plates directly from your electronic files.

    If you are providing printed inserts, they must be cut to spec, inserts folded and tray cards scored or perfed.


We recommend using the following Macintosh based programs:

  • Quark Xpress 6.5
  • Adobe Illustrator CS3
  • Adobe InDesign CS3
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF

Other programs may be accepted. Because AMG works with a Macintosh-based electronic pre-press department, labor charges may apply to transfer files from PC based programs.

Please note that we can accept Adobe programs up to version Adobe CS3 and Quark 6.5. For users with newer versions of these programs, you will have to save down to a previous version or export and submit an .eps or PDF file. Quark users with an old version of the program need to submit files that are not font dependant.

We recommend supplying your artwork using the following:

  • CDR
  • DVDR

Be sure to use AMG templates for each of your documents to avoid additional charges. Each CD plant's specifications vary slightly. If you need an older version of the templates, please contact us via email. If files are not submitted in the current version of amg templates, you may incur labor charges.

You can download all templates from this section or from each individual item's description page.
If you have trouble downloading the templates, please first be sure that if you are using macintosh formatted files you have the most recent version of Aladdin's StuffIt which can be found at www.aladdinsystems.com. If you are PC based, you can download the most recent version of winzip at www.winzip.com.

All jobs must be accompanied by an up-to-date color hard copy (stat, laser or plain paper printout) or low res PDFs to proof against.

All original files that were imported into the document must be supplied (all embedded images, photos and fonts).

Convert all images to CMYK for full color jobs and grayscale for black/white.

Crop Marks must be colored registration so that they appear on each plate when output. If using AMG templates, they are included.

Disc setup

3 Folders should be on the disk as follows:

  • SUPPORT: This folder will contain all ART, LOGOS, PHOTOS, EPS files and other supporting items to the document. The EPS files need all components from which they were created.
    The photos need to be in CMYK, and set to 300 dpi at 100%. All artwork needs to be updated in your document to OK status and checked. When you place photos in your document, leave at least a 2 pt. bleed around the entire picture in the picture box. Photos should NOT be FPO.

  • MECHANICAL: This folder will contain only the document(s) we will be outputting for you.
    This document(s) should be up-to-date, and match your supplied hard copy. No old files should be left in this folder.

  • FONTS: This folder will contain both printer and screen fonts for all the fonts used in the job, as well as fonts used in all EPS documents. We prefer you use only Post Script fonts and not TrueType fonts. We can usually convert TT fonts, but to avoid any potential problems, send Post Script if possible. The fonts will be used to output your job, and will not be copied.

CD label specifics:

3 PMS colors are included in all CD prices. You can choose to use more colors or print CMYK on the disc for an additional charge.

Type should be no less than 6 point and thin lines (widths less than 0.15mm) do not reproduce well. Bold, sanserif fonts are best when using smaller point size.

The CD label will be printed at 100 line screen.

Note that because the label is screenprinted, there is no bleed and dimensions must be exact. Be sure to follow the templates exactly.

You should remember when creating your design that the surface of the disc changes from the clear plastic center to the metallic surface. There is also a mirrorband that varies slightly from the rest of the disc. Type knocked out to both the mirror band and the disc may be hard to read.
Keep in mind that the ink will print differently on the metallic surface than on white paper.

Insert specifics:

There should be a 1/8" bleed on all files (except CD label)

Jobs may be downloaded up to 150 lines per inch at a resolution of 2400 dpi. Scan images at
300 dpi or higher to print at 150 lpi.

A mockup must be included if there are multiple pages or special folding instructions


You can utilize our ftp site to send artwork. After logging into the server, place your file in the INCOMING folder. Please note that your file name cannot have any spaces or use special characters (ex: @#$&*). Please place all of your files in one compressed folder and upload just
the .sit or .zip.

server name: ftp.amgcds.com
user name: u50991342-ftpuser
password: password

To access our ftp site, you must use a program. There are a variety of different programs that will work. If you do not already have one on your system, you can download a trial version. For mac you can use Fetch or Cyberduck and for a pc you can use cuteFTP.


  • Be sure to use AMG specs to avoid hand packing charges.
  • Paper stock should be coated and have a minimum paper weight of 100 gsm.
  • Folders should be folded for automatic insertion and tray cards should be perfed. Hand-packing charges may apply if inserts are not ready for machine packaging.
  • Booklets should have a maximum thickness of 2.0mm on the folding side and staples must not extend above or below the booklet
  • Be sure to include 10% more inserts than the amount of discs ordered.



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